e-Seva Kendra

The Project of establishment of eSewa Kendras at District Courts and High Courts was conceived and conceptualized by the eCommittee with an objective of leveraging the accessibility of services provided by the eCommittee of Supreme Court under its eCourts related Project and is aimed at strengthening ‘Access to Justice for all’.

The eSewa Kendra, as the name suggest, are dedicated to and are supposed to serve the common litigant as a one stop centre for all his/her Court related needs. In order to make it more visible, it is envisaged that it shall be strategically located right at the public entry gate accessed by litigants and shall provide every possible assistance to a litigant walking in.

Salient Featues of eSewa Kendra

It is suggested that an eSewa Kendra shall have the following features:

  • eSewa Kendra shall be operationalized in District Court Complexes and High Court Complexes.
  • eSewa Kendra shall be manned by one or two Officials of the Court Administration.
  • To assist such official, an empanelled DLSA or HCLSC Advocate and empanelled PLVs preferably from Law Schools/shall be associated in the eSewa Kendras.
  • If available, Nyaya Mitra from empanelled by Department of Justice, Ministry of Law may also be associated.
  • The eSewa Kendra shall function as the first line of contact between the litigants and judicial establishment for the purpose of accessing eCourts Project related Services.
  • The Official manning the eSewa Kendra shall keep a record of all visitors in a digital format.
  • The eSewa Kendra shall help the litigants in accessing the relevant information through technological means and shall also render help in physical form wherever required and to the extent feasible.
  • The eSewa Kendra shall also have readily available all the necessary details of the concerned Complex viz. Presiding Officer with Court Number and its location, administrative branches and sections, DLSA/HCLSC front office location and contact numbers and like.
  • The eSewa Kendra shall have IT hardware like computer, scanner apart from LAN connection with access to CIS 3.2 for District Courts and CIS 1.0 for High Courts. However, eSewa Kendra shall be paperless without any printer.
  • The eSewa Kendra shall have requisite information leaflets and other publicity material in English, Hindi/local languages in respect of services being provided by eCommittee under eCourts Project and method of accessing them.
  • The eSewa Kendra shall provide all services free of cost to litigants and needy Bar Members and shall also facilitate e-filing of petitions, pleadings, certified copies and like.
  • The eSewa Kendra can also have a self-help touch screen eKiosk for accessing the required information.
  • The staff, officials, PLV, DLSA/HCLSC Panel Lawyers shall provide all assistance in a polite friendly manner by conversing in local language.
  • The eSewa Kendra shall open at 9.00 AM or one hour before the Court opens whichever is earlier and shall remain open through the working hours on all working days.
  • The eSewa Kendra shall not only function in physical form in the Court Complex but may also have virtual presence in the District/High Court website so that a litigant/needy lawyer can get help even without visiting the Court Complex.
  • The eSewa Kendra can also have a dedicated landline/mobile/WhatsApp helpline number which can be used to provide necessary information to litigants and needy lawyers without necessity of physically visiting the Court.